The Christmas Game

[Nicolausi] a parallax-scrolling VGA-comic game

Nicolausi - The Story:

[Nico] Christmas time, year after year everybody is experiencing the peace and solitude of the holidays, except Santa Clause of course, who has to deliver all parcels. Well unfortunately Santa fell sick just for this year holidays, so he had to ask his German cousin, Nicolaus, to deliver all the parcels for him.

But it turned out be an almost im possible job for poor old Nicolaus. Firstly all parcels were stolen and scattered around the countryside, and their delivery tacks ripped of.

You have to assist Nicolaus in retrieving all parcels and than find the right houses to deliver them.

The residents who live in this town are weird people. They don't like it when Nicolaus enters their house through the chimney. And they will only accept the presents which they wished for.

Nicolaus has no choice but to collect all the presents. Then he has to pick a present, deliver it to a house, place it in front of the front door and wait!

[Parcel] If the resident of that house slams the front door into Nico's face, then he has to pick up the present and try to find the person that is waiting for that present. A good memory is required to deliver the right present to the right house.

[Bunny] Secondly the Easter-Bunny got loose to early this year and turned out to be right down evil. He is permanently crossing Nico's path trying to make a huge Easter-egg out of Nicolaus.

So watch out for the evil bunny, while you work your way through the ten neighborhoods of this catching game.

Hardware: 386DX, 570k RAM free, HardDisk, VGA, AdLib/SB

Download Nicolausi'95, Registerable, 3 level playable, Demo Version (350k)

Optional: Emulator to play unter Windows (161 k)